The Designer

Just listen to Colorado-based Kathryn Giarratano speak about her lineage and you understand how she immediately can identify which jewelry women want to wear, share with their daughters, or pass down later in life. “My mother is one of five girls and my dad has two sisters. I am one of three girls and I have two daughters, Giuliana and Layla.”

Kathryn’s philosophy is to create a core wardrobe of jewelry that is anything but basic.
“We all have our favorite fashion pieces that are seasonless and we know will look good whenever we wear them. These are the pieces that we reach for first. I have tried to achieve the same feeling with my jewelry collection with pieces that act as jewelry wardrobe staples yet also hit an emotional chord with the wearer.” It’s not surprising that Kathryn started her career in fashion and wardrobe styling where she learned the art of creative essentials, merchandising and how to mix and combine fashion and jewelry without every looking ‘over the top’.

Kathryn believes the best jewelry is ageless. “It’s the piece you can borrow from your mother or lend to your daughter (if she’s old enough to wear jewelry) and those you are given as gifts or purchase for yourself. It’s all about the pieces you love and wear consistently –that you feel good in and are familiar and comfortable with like good friends and… all of the women in your family.”


About Layla G Jewelry

Kathryn Giarratano’s tagline for her Layla G collection sums up her approach to jewelry design. “My intention is to create intimate pieces that people can connect with and relate to on different levels and which speak to their special ‘moments, milestones and memories,’” she explains. “These are pieces that have meaning, yet they are also wardrobe essentials that become part of someone’s everyday life. Whether you choose my shield shapes for protection, my signature customized bar pendants or my XO pieces in different iterations for romance and love, I design jewelry that is delicate, streamlined and discreet in its messages. People who purchase my jewelry should feel like they are wearing pieces that speak to and about them, pieces, that when mixed, layered and stacked in different ways offer them a way in which to add their own stamp of expressive style.”

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